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Global Hospitality Accounting Common Practices Version 1.0

Regarding the Uniform System of Accounting for the Lodging Industry

The objective of HFTP’s GHACP project is to compile and report on common practices used by hospitality companies in various countries for financial reporting. It is not designed to prescribe best practices or a uniform system of accounting for the hospitality industry.  The Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry (“USALI”) is prescribed as the standard for accounting for the hospitality industry. 

The USALI is an accounting and reporting system prepared by the Financial Management Committee (“FMC”) of the American Hotel & Lodging Association (“AH&LA”). The members of the FMC include financial professionals from many of the International hotel brands, ownership groups, management companies, benchmarking companies, public accounting firms and academia. The publication of the USALI is sponsored by AH&LA, Hotel Association of New York City, Inc. (“HANYC”) and HFTP. The USALI is an integral part of the HFTP Global Hospitality Accounting – Common Practices. 

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